Too Many Bins? You hear it a lot, right? I don’t want loads of bins to take out, they clutter up my garden, they all over the pavement etc. Ok, I sort of get it.
But come on, some folk love and care for their bins. And lets be fair, lots of us are so proud of our 2 wheeled friend we want the world to know they are ours!
So, how many is right? For example, in the borough here in Chesterfield we have 3.
1. Black none recycled waste – Every other week
2. Blue Mixed Recycling
3. Green compostable waste (summer only)
So that’s 1 bin a week in winter, and 2 bins every other week in the summer. Although you only really need to put it out if you need too.
Now you hear people say they can’t cope with one bin every other week. Well we don’t, if we use the mixed recycling bin we should have plenty of room surely? We are a houshold of 5 and its the blue one we have to jump on every other week!
So, what happens to the blue bin every other Monday?
Well, I’m not sure myself. The council said speak to the waste contractor (they don’t do it themselves you see) who said speak to the council, so I was a bit in the dark, but what I do know is you’d like to think it gets sorted back into individual recycling streams via a system right?
These are recycling centres or Material Recycling Facilities. They come in lots of different levels from basic hand picking, trommels (gettin all technical now – basically big washing machine drums) etc to more fancy state of the art technologies.
Now, this is exactly what happens to our Blue bin waste.
But this is where more bins can be a good thing…… Think about it.
1 – We put all these different materials in 1 bin. Glass, cans, paper plastics etc. All nicely mixed together.
2 – Its taken in a big fat compactor on wheels and mixed with 1000’s of other peoples recycling (yes mum, if your reading this you really don’t need to put your cans and jars through the dish washer).
3 – It then gets split up all over again in different fractions. Now, these facilities aren’t cheap either. They cost money to build, run, as well as maintain.
Now, who’s paying for it?
Having worked in waste for 20 plus years, only on the commercial side rather than domestic, I’ve worked with many customers in manufacturing. Its no different. Some don’t want the hassles of x number of bins at the end of a line. They take up room, they are a trip hazard etc etc. They are busy making stuff. They just want it gone. I get that. But some want to get the best value from waste and recycling. By separating stuff on site so get this, they get paid for some waste as well as save on disposal & the sorting of recycling costs!
Now I’m not saying which is right or wrong…..
It’s just my thoughts.

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